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Bathroom Remodel- Quick Tips!


Bathroom remodels can really help to improve the look and feel of a home. The first step to take when remodeling a bathroom is to check the plumbing. Older homes may have damage to pipes and it is important to look into that when beginning a project. It is also important to know if the house has a crawl space or is on concrete. This will be important if there is damage or plumbing that needs replacing; a crawl space gives better access to pipes instead of having to tear out the concrete slab.

Once the plumbing has been looked at it is important to check the water heater. If the water heater is located in the garage then it should be 18” off the ground. If the water heater is inside, it doesn’t need to be off the floor. The water heater should be, according to California Building codes, braced to the wall in case of an earthquake. The water heater should also have insulation on the first 5’ of the hot and cold water pipes. If the plumbing is going to be changed, or electrical, it is important to go through the permitting process. These are some quick, basic, tips to check before a bathroom remodel.

This may seem like a daunting task, however, there are small changes that can be done to spruce up the bathroom. Paint is a great, and cheap, way to add new life to a bathroom. A gallon of paint runs about $30 and you can paint the room yourself or hire a painter.

A new vanity is a great way to completely change the feel of a bathroom.

The prices of stone slab vanities have come down to around $1,000 and could be installed with the help of a handy man. If that is out of your price range, simply scraping the existing grout and applying new grout can change up the space.

If the bathroom doesn’t have a window, consider adding a tubular skylight for under $500.

Accessorizing the bathroom also helps to add the style and feel of the bathroom. Adding a large mirror can run around $200- $350 and make a huge impact.

New lighting will not only help the atmosphere, but older bathrooms can have poor lighting quality as well. New lighting fixtures have a broad price range, however, good lighting can be found for around $50 - $100.

Adding small things such as towel bars and new, fresh towels, flowers, and other homey touches can really help spruce up a bathroom. When making these small changes, there is not a need to go through the permitting process.

Tip of the Day! Check for plumbing fixtures with “watersense” seal on the toilets. Also check manufacturer’s websites that may be offering rebates on certain models.